Kitchen Remodelling Ideas To Consider

Kitchen Remodelling Ideas To Consider

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Tired of using your run-down, outdated kitchen? Perhaps it’s time for a makeover. An expert like East West Kitchens can provide a wealth of knowledge that you can weigh up kitchen style ideas, but it also helps to know a thing or two about the kitchen renovation process before you make big decisions. A kitchen renovation after all, will affect your life for many years, so it comes with careful decision making. Below are some of the things to consider when looking at a kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Styles

The kitchen is one of the most exciting areas in the house to design because there are many styles you can choose from. A kitchen can consist of many different elements, and each has its own varieties. Consider narrowing your choices down to the look and feel, then narrow it further down to what you find functional. If you are the type who likes their kitchen busy and rugged-looking, an industrial-style one can be a great choice. In case you’re that type who thinks less is more, then the minimalist style may do.

The Work Triangle

No matter how voguish and all-inclusive your kitchen may seem, if the fridge, sink and stove are all over the place, the final output will be messy. These three elements comprise what is known in architecture and interior design as the “work triangle”. It could be any other appliance or fixture but why these three? Well, it has to do with their functions. They are the most commonly utilised elements in your kitchen, and it’s almost impossible to prepare food without using all of them together. It’s a rule of thumb in kitchen design to have these three elements form a triangle with each element strategically placed to make all kitchen work efficient.


When remodelling a kitchen, one of the first things you need to decide to either keep or replace is the colour theme. You have to pick a colour theme that invokes the kind of emotion and atmosphere you want for your kitchen as well as contributing to its overall efficiency. Neutral colours are the favourite choices because they exude a calming and comfortable aura. Bright colours are usually avoided because they provoke edginess and anxiety. One of the best colour theme for kitchens is white because it’s both bright and neutral. It’s relaxing to the eyes and at the same time it reflects more light, making your kitchen look brighter even with minimal lighting.


The kitchen usually functions as another living room. In fact, most homeowners prefer to accommodate their guests in the kitchen because it’s more relaxing to chat while preparing food – or is it more relaxing to prepare food while chatting. Anyway, home cooking is a fascinating subject so you won’t run out of topic to talk about in this instance. There’s no problem with inviting people to the kitchen as long as they don’t block important functions. If you are planning to put seats in your kitchen for your guests, make sure to place them away from the kitchen work triangle.

There are other essential kitchen design tips and elements that you have to take into account when designing a kitchen. To avoid missing any of them, make a list of your thoughts and ideas and discuss them with your contractor. Talk about how each can be incorporated in the design. In the case that they will make the design chaotic, ask which ones they suggest you can remove without completely affecting the final output.

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