Essential Maintenance Advice For New Homeowners

Essential Maintenance Advice For New Homeowners


Doors and windows

When entering your newly constructed home, it is crucial you scan and inspect every door and window frame for any damage, breakage, and cracks. And if you do come across any such issues, tend to apply putty where required. Don’t forget to ensure proper insulation of windows and doors as it prevents drafts and helps maintain ideal climate inside the house during extreme temperatures.


Roofs need to be taken extra care of since any missing tile, broken shingle and crack can cause damaging leaks which negatively impact the house and cost a fortune. You can prevent such issues by checking for any cracks and broken shingles and in the case of flat roofs, formation of blisters. If any branch of a tree is in close contact with the roof and can potentially damage it, do not hesitate to cut or trim it.


Chimneys need to be checked and cleaned by professionals at least once a year. Chimneys are bound to get unwanted deposits from burning which can be harmful in nature. Moreover, the exteriors of vents are to be monitored for any loose mortar and broken bricks.


Remember to set up the drain away from the house for safety purposes. It is imperative you check the channels for debris accumulation as it can hinder optimum drainage and cause damaging leaks.


Paint serves various benefits apart from adding beauty to the home. Applying a layer of paint over metal objects prevent it from rusting and wood items from rotting by acting as a protective layer.

Walls and ceilings

The interior walls and ceilings of your house should be inspected for any formation of cracks or damp. Presence of moisture within the walls and ceilings can lead to it to sag and even collapse.

Patios and decks

If the decks and patios of your house are composed of primarily wood, it is imperative you seal it correctly as any moisture or water upon contact can lead to its rot. If the wood absorbs the moisture, it will need to be resealed. When dealing with wood, keep an eye out for termites and other infestations.


Keep an eye out for any leaky pipes in the bathroom and remember to seal them, as if not done frequently can lead to rot beneath the tiles and formation of molds which can become a headache to deal with later.


Inspect the walls and ceilings of the garage for any cracks or damp and accordingly seal them, whereas wooden components should be inspected for insect infestation and rot.

Main electrical panel

The main electrical panel should be taken extreme care of. First of all, keep the surrounding area of the panel clean and free from any sort of moisture. Then, ensure there is no presence of rust over the panel as it is a prime indicator of dangerous moisture penetration. And last of all, if the panel is heating up and gives off a burning aroma, seek immediate help from your electrician.


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